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Fairfax Public Safety Headquarters

Fairfax Public Safety Headquarters

Market: Municipal
Location: Fairfax, VA (Image Credit: Fairfax County)


  • A new 8-story office with the 9th story being used as a mechanical/equipment room
  • New 5-story parking garage adjacent to the new office building which houses the cooling tower and associated piping and pumps
  • A 273,800 sq. ft. building that will house the police and fire departments' plumbing
  • Includes HVAC piping and sheet metal


  • ~2 miles of hydronic pipe (copper and Sch. 40 steel)
  • ~8 miles of plumbing pipe connected to 254 fixtures throughout the building
  • 315,000 lbs of sheet metal 
  • 1000+ Registers, grilles, and diffusers to be installed
  • (5) Custom Penthouse Air Handling Unit - total cfm: 247,300 cfm
  • (13) HVAC Pumps ranging from 15- 60 HP
  • (24) Floor mounted Computer Room Air Conditioning units
  • (399) Fan Powered Boxes and VAV boxes
  • (321) Sound Attenuators

A Closer Look

This is the largest project undertaken by Fairfax County in the last 4 years and is a highly visible project within Fairfax County Government Center, where it is being built.