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NVCC Tyler Academic Building

NVCC Tyler Academic Building

Market: Higher Ed
Location: Alexandria, VA (Image Credit: Moseley Architects)


  • An 80,420 sq. ft. four-story building of steel frame and masonry construction
  • Includes academic and administrative supporting facilities, as well as exercise rooms, a Barnes and Noble bookstore/café, and general-purpose classrooms 
  • Designed to comply with a Certification Level according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System


  • Over 10,000 feet of plumbing
  • 11,000 feet of HVAC (chllled, heating, and condenser water pipe)
  • Over 100 VAV boxes with reheat coils to be installed
  • 2 water cooled helical rotary chillers for a total of 200 tons each
  • 30 ton air cooled split chiller AC Unit
  • 3 modular gas fired condensing boilers with an output capacity of 1720 MBH per unit
  • 2 air handling units for film lab area (1200 CFM and 3000 CFM Unit)
  • 3 custom rooftop units (one 12,500 and two stacked units totally 45,000 CFM)
  • Two cell cooling tower with a capacity of 1114 GPMs - (200 tons per cell)
  • 114,000 lbs of sheet metal

A Closer Look

Community college expansion, with expected completion date of May 2016.